Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The New West Wing

I've spent all day on the couch watching a West Wing marathon. MAN, I loved that show. It was just such good writing and character development. In addition, I read an article that said that Matt Santos was based on Barack Obama and that Josh Lyman was based on Rahm Emmanuel. This may be pure pucky made up by the liberal media (that my parents loathe), but it is interesting that it is out there.

I have many conservative friends. Many of these conservative friends are either in morning or completely pissed over the results of the election. I would like to think that had McCain been elected, I could have been one of those "Let's roll up sleeves and unite" kind of Dems, but his choice of what I see as an inept Sarah Palin ruined that for me. I hope Obama can bring conservatives around by not living up to his reputation as what friend calls "the most liberal of all current senators."

I want there to be Change. Yes, with a BIG C, because I sure as shit drank the Kool-Aid. In fact, I had my own Kool-Aid stand for over 2 years and I am still a believer. Here is why I voted fro Obama:

1. Iraq. Even though the polls say that less that 20% people voted based on their feelings on the war, it was the #1 thing on my mind. I don't think we had any business being there and I think it has basically become a civil war. I can't get my head around why American men and women are getting killed and wounded for what appears to be religious reasons in a country that is not our own. Oil? Maybe. Pride (Bush's)? Maybe. Neither a good enough answer for me when it comes to American lives. I do not believe a withdrawal = surrender. I think we did what we could and now we are should give the Iraqi people what we supposedly wanted to give them originally - independence. We cannot continue to hold your collective hand. Not at this great an expense.

2. Health Care. And this is where many, many, MANY people disagree with me. I believe there is a subset of people who a) make enough money to get by but b) don't qualify for Medicaid or WIC or can't afford the premium their employer charges to get coverage for themselves and their kids. Yes, I realize that there will be people taking advantage of the system - Welfare moms, slackers, etc. But I don't believe that is a good reason NOT to help those who really DO need it and can't get it. There will always be people taking advantage of the system (hello, Lehman Brothers. I am talking to YOU), but that hasn't stopped us from moving forward as a nation before.

3. Bipartisanship. I know, I KNOW - "the most liberal of all current senators." But in his history in the Illinois senate, Obama had a history of bipartisanship. I really, really want to see this happen on the national level. Utopian, I know. But wouldn't it be nice?

4. I'm pro-choice and fear an administration that would continue to appoint Supreme Court Justices who are not and who would seek to overturn Roe v. Wade. The choice to carry an unplanned pregnancy to term is a choice as well. I don't believe the government - state or federal - should be able to tell me what to do with my body or what may be growing within it (embryo, alien probe, tumor, etc...). I understand the opposite viewpoint. I just do not agree with when zygote turns to embryo turns to actual person.

For the record, not such a fan of Biden, although he has an excellent history on Israel, he just seems smarmy. Also for the record, I wish fellow Dems would quit belittling Republicans because they believe what they do. We may not be able to understand it, but shouldn't we take a cue from our President-Elect and try to work together?

I am just so excited with the interest and participation Obama has inspired thus far. I am hopeful of where we can go with that kind of energy.

Yes, I know many of you disagree with me and are verified anti-Obamites. That's OK. Lemme have it. I'm going back to my West Wing marathon.

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