Monday, January 14, 2008

A Good Weekend

After a stretch of weekends that included marathon meltdowns, we've finally hit upon two really good weekends in a row. They both involve my parents. Coincidence? Who knows. Maybe Grammy and Grandpa are the magic antidote to the meltdown. Maybe the switch up in activities is enough to keep J from being bored. Either way, a happy toddler makes for happy parents.

Not much else to report, really. Osi is over the sting of the National Championship game. Mom and Dad brought him up his birthday present yesterday. It is TBDBITL spelling out his name. Totally awesome. We're totally getting one for the house. I wish I'd thought of it. Check it out - you can get anything spelled out by the band at

Parent-Teacher conferences are today at J's school. Since he got bit AGAIN on Thursday, it will be interesting to talk to the teachers to see why MY kid has become the human teething biscuit.

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Jenny Fiore said...

It's only taken me, like, a million years to have this burst of energy (ha) that has manifested itself in me hitting the hyperlinks in various emails sent to me since I began getting morning sickness. I saved them for today, the day when I'm not actually feeling any better but just so sick of not feeling better that I am resigned to barfing for this whole pregnancy. I'm glad I clicked your hyperlink. Glad to read you got two -- TWO! -- weekends sans meltdowns. Pretty soon the good days will outnumber the bad days. And Jack will draw you a picture of a stick-figure mom or something equally exciting, and you will forget you ever wanted to scalp him. Oh, wait. You never said you wanted to scalp him. But I bet you thought it. :)