Sunday, July 15, 2007

Thank God for Good Days

Today was a Good Day. I capitalize it because, in my world, they seem to happen so rarely.

Osi let me sleep in. After I got up and fed Jack lunch, both boys (both big and little) went down for a nap. This allowed me time to take a shower in peace.

I admit that my most favorite 45 seconds of the day is the time I spend washing my hair. I like the scalp massage, although not as good as the one at the hair salon, and the suds in my ears drowns out all the other noise. I do, however, still have the raucous to-do list monologue running in my head. As long is it is just that one stream of consciousness, though, it passes as silence. It is fantastic. Also, my shampoo smells really good. But I digress...

I managed to pack J's bag for our afternoon outing to the Westerville Arts Fest, which ROCKED, and to Mandie and Phil's new place, which also ROCKED, perhaps even harder. It was quality family time all around. J and Osi were both in good moods for most of the day, which means, so was . That in itself is a rare event in our world :)

I also had time to make Monday's grocery list and pull coupons. I whole day in advance! Isn't that productive? What a fabulous day. AND - tomorrow is a Stephanie Day. BONUS!

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