Saturday, September 5, 2009

What I Have Learned: Week 3

Continuing in The Education of Mrs. Zimmer, I would like to post a few nuggets of enlightenment gained this week.

1. Helen Gurley Brown is full of shit.

Really, need I say more? Ladies, we cannot have it all. And really, do we want to? It exhausts us, if we allow ourselves to admit it. I don't like to half-ass anything. Unfortunately, since once again becoming employed, everything has been half-assed. Friendships, the housework, relationships with my husband and kid, volunteer work - you name it. Some of my dearest girlfriends summed it up as such: you get used to it. We laughed and toasted half-assed as the new all-the-way. I simply cannot have it all. Nor do I want it all.

2. This job was the absolute right choice for me. Had I made the choice to pursue the better title and all the grandeur and stress and driving and travel that comes with it, I would hate myself right about now. I would be making slightly better money, be in my chosen field and have a fabulous title, but wake up every morning hating myself. That's one helluva compromise. I will settle on saying the name Wasserstrom about a million times in a week.

3. Grilled cheese is still the world's best comfort food. Don't even try to argue with me on this one. When, as Paul Simon so aptly put it, I am weary and feeling small, I just want a grilled cheese sandwich and a piping hot bowl of tomato soup. Preferably Campbell's. I have had people try to soothe me with chicken soup, spaghetti, and meatloaf (not all at once, mind you). While thoughtful, all of these were far inferior to the humble grilled cheese.

4. The people in my group at work are pretty cool. They roll with my stupid mistakes and are really trying hard to help me. We laugh a lot and try hard to work as a team. That's really nice.

4a. One of the aforementioned cool person's names is Roxanne. I have to stop myself about 18 times a day from singing her name out loud a la Sting. She don't have to put on her red light. In three weeks there, I have only done this twice. Considering the number of times I have WANTED to do it, this is an amazing feat of self-restraint.

5. Who my friends are. I have not completely learned this yet, but I have a feeling it is coming (not unlike Eli). These are the people who don't lose touch, who are the support network and who roll with it when I have been out of touch for three weeks. As Jack grows and develops, these will be the people we rely on - the people who will be in pictures at his birthdays and family gatherings. They may or may not have kids, or kids his age, but they love us and him no matter our challenges.


Colleen said...

Mmmm.... grilled cheese and tomato soup. It truly is the best and most comforting combination of food!

and... Oh Lord! If I worked with someone named Roxeanne, I'm sure I would have the occasional sudden outburst of "Rooooooxanne..." with a high falsetto voice like Sting. And then my co-workers would simply assume I'm nuts. :)

Love your blog!

Tammy Howard said...

Nope, we can't have it all. Those who think we can or think they do are deluded. so we make our choices and we do the best we can.

I'm glad you're loving the new job.

(On a not entirely unrelated note, Liv has a teacher who consistently sings "Live and Let Die" to her, which she loves. I had a teacher who sang "Tammy's in Love". I did not love this. I can't believe no-one sings "Lea" to Lea. Congrats on your restraint with Roxanne)

Jenny Penny said...

Did you ever see that stupid Tarantino movie, wherein one of the DeMornay sisters (I think?) tells Christian Slater, "You're so cool, you're so cool"? I had that thought in my mind as I was reading this post. You ARE so cool. Reading this post made me reminiscent of working with you. Now I want to order a pizza and slum around in my sweats, waiting for a short-shit Italio to pay me.